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Integrated Management System Policy

Publishing Date: 27.04.2023

As a leading organization in our sector, who’s core values are defined ​​as "Ethical", "Innovative" and "Creative" and who’s focused on growing and letting grow using secure cutting-edge technology, we as CRS Soft take the principles and requirements of the Integrated Management System into account and declare our commitment to the following principles;


  • We support innovative and creative approaches, we listen to and evaluate the ideas of our employees and ensure their active participation by implementing those ideas in processes and practices. We always try to increase their satisfaction by increasing their technical and behavioral competencies,

  • In order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System, we create process-based measurable targets, review them regularly, and always maintain our leadership in the sector by constantly improving our performance and management systems in this field,

  • We embody a risk-based thinking and analyze all risks of processes and assets, take actions by providing all necessary resources, and ensure safety, continuity and quality at the highest level,

  • We carefully examine the feedbacks of our customers, conclude them effectively and in compliance with the level of service we promised, and take all necessary precautions to prevent their recurrence,

  • We share all our knowledge using the experience we have and the latest technologies we use, to enable the development and improvement of our customers,

  • By increasing the awareness of all our stakeholders on the Integrated Management System, we ensure the sustainability of the system in all processes and applications in accordance with the requirements,

  • We continuously improve and develop our products and services within the framework of national and international standards, legal regulations and agreed commitments, and always focus on increasing customer satisfaction.


As CRS Soft employees, it is the common goal and duty of all of us to fulfill the requirements by adopting the "Excellence" approach within the framework of our strategic principles and by systematically providing the awareness of continuous improvement in all processes.

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